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The first leg of the journey was a 12+ hour overnight "sleeper" train ride. Indian sleeper trains are very meager. There were 72 bunks in our rail car.

The bunks were stacked 3 high and there was no privacy. It was so tight in there it was difficult to get any good pictures.

The bride and groom. Yes, I asked, this was an arranged marriage.

We missed the actual marriage ceremony which was held in the early morning but there was still some rituals at the reception ceremony.

The wedding gifts from the brides family were proudly displayed in the reception hall.

My fist look at the beach in Goa.

We enjoyed a few meals at Rosario's Beach Cafe.

And a few cold beverages.

The beaches of Goa were beautiful. We were lucky to be there during the off season, they are much more crowded during peak times.

This little gal was a very well spoken street vendor, she was one of the few Indian women who wasn't afraid to converse with us Americans.

We climbed the hill to view the remnants of this old Fort.

The fort seemed to have been constructed of volcanic rock. It was very old and very impressive. Goa was a Portuguese Colony until the late 1960's.

The view of the beach from the hilltop fort.

Another view of the beach.

Another look at the beach.

View from the fort. We visited a number of beaches along the Goa coastline.

Yashupal and I scaling the walls of the fort to look down on the beach.

Fishing boat on the beach.

One of the beach front restaurants we dined at. I had a shark dinner at this place which was the best fish dinner I have ever had. Ever!

Sunburned and full! (possibly with a few beers in me too.)

This is the Basilica of Bom Jesus built in 1695.


The Basilica contains the body of St. Francis Xavier seen here. First time I actually saw a Saint.


The Goa Cathedral Chapter established by Pope Clement VII met here starting in 1533.

Our last night in Goa we enjoyed dessert and drinks at his restaurant enjoying the views seen in the next few photos.

The view from the pont near our hotel.

The harbor below the restaurant.

Our last night in Goa we enjoyed fireworks while dining.